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What I love about the song and video is that it isn’t just Nicki being sexy. It’s a flat out display of her power over men. Nicki actively disregards the male gaze in the video. Between the lyrics, the tongue in cheek mishandling of the banana and literally slapping Drake’s hand away when he tries to touch her ass, it’s a song and video about her enjoying her own body and sexuality, and inviting other “fat ass bitches” to do the same. The assertion that because she looks traditionally “sexy” she is “desperate for male attention” doesn’t hold any water when you approach it critically. Just because something happens to be appealing to straight men doesn’t mean that straight men are the intended audience. It’s an incredibly heteronormative assumption. Would we assume that femme lesbians are vying for male attention because they prefer to present as traditionally feminine?

Everything has gone wrong last night and this morning BUT TODAY WILL BE MY FUCKING DAY ANYWAYS!

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Found the most BOMB vintage 1940s black dress at @amberjoysvintage !!!!!!!!!!!!



hahaha nostalgia 

you ain’t a stoner if you never pulled some shit like this 

*reminisces to highschool times*

8th grade omg also got real good at apple pipes
f3mm3: do you consider yourself a feminist? love your music! you're so talented and gorgeous <3



No. I’m for equality, not evening the score.

Please look up marinashutup and her videos about feminism, especially the letter to Shailene Woodley, before saying this.



If I start to say “brrr it’s cold in here”
and you say toros instead of clovers, we can’t be friends.

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I’m a teenager why does my back hurt I’m not 70 years old


period cramps

*Mom voice* it’s that damn computer again

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